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8/7/2012 C N. Cincinnati, OH -- K9 Waves is a LIFESAVER! I cannot say enough good things about this service. Sandy Hodges at K9 waves provides personalized, warm water swim therapy for dogs of all sizes. I have a venerable 13 year old Giant Schnauzer who has been swimming at K9 waves for one year. I initially took him to K9 Waves to help him with mobility to aid some mild stiffness and arthritis. In this past year, he has also had a toe amputated due to toe cancer, and major surgery to remove a benign growth that was pressing on his spinal cord. Throughout it all, he has continued to swim as soon as medically possible. As a result, he is in better shape than when he started. The changes are just amazing, and he looks forward to his swim. Just say "swim" and he will even leave a juicy pork chop and head for the car...and start barking as soon as we turn the corner.

I've met other swimmers at K9 Waves--many have been referred by vets post surgery or for other injuries, or just arthritis or old age. Some have just needed to lose weight. Sandy uses life vests, flotation devices, and toys to encourage the dogs to improve. She is in the pool with the dogs and also provides massage and stretching to help the dogs improve their mobility. Even dogs who aren't sure they belong in the water learn to enjoy their workout. What a fabulous option for our dogs. And when the weather is too bad to walk---K9 Waves provides a "tropical" warm water alternative. Very affordable and accommodation for multi-dog families. K9 Waves has extended my dog's life and certainly improved his quality of life. I rave about them to every dog lover I know. Thank You

Melanie M. Cincinnati, OH -- K9 Waves is a special place. You can take your dog here for swimming, indoors in a heated pool year round. Sandy is the owner and she is very talented making the dogs comfortable and enjoy their experience. Dogs can swim just for fun, but he real deal is If your dog has had surgery or arthritis or any mobility problems this is hydrotherapy and can make a huge difference in rehabilitating an injured dogs. You will have much more success in the pool than by using an underwater treadmill. The dogs are more comfortable too. This is also a great too for dogs who are fearful or shy, swimming really gives them that needed boost of confidence. I can't recommend this more for anyone with a dog. I take my 12 year old mix who has arthritis and she hates water/swimming and still enjoys herself.


Please click on the link to see an article on K9 Waves that appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer.    Cincinnati Enquirer article 5/1/11


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